Our company, which started out with production and marketing in the valve sector in 2009 with the title of Turhan Valve, stepped into the manufacturing sector with the creative service approach developed on the basis of knowledge and experience, taking into account the market conditions and technological developments.

As a result of R&D activities, by taking into the program the production of valves, which have important areas of use in the sector; first of all, it started to manufacture ELASTOMER GATE VALVE with the brand "NT VANA". Turhan Valve has aimed to increase its quality and product variety by showing continuous improvement since its establishment.

It has started to manufacture products such as irrigation hydrants, ventilators, fire hydrants, irrigation receivers and check valves in line with the demand of the target audience. Our basic principle is to continue our work under the umbrella of the ISO 9001 quality system we have established. We take care to work with experienced and qualified personnel in order to ensure the continuation and development of the Total Quality System we have created and to keep customer satisfaction at the maximum level

All of our NT VANA branded products are produced in accordance with the standards after passing the necessary tests and controls. It is offered to our customers throughout Turkey.

Our aim is to provide world class products to our valued customers by following the ever-evolving technology.

Our Mission Following scientific and technological developments with its distinguished staff without compromising ethical principles; To be a world brand in valve production by making a difference with pioneering practices in the sector with a service understanding in international quality standards, focused on customer and employee satisfaction

Our Vision is to produce excellence-oriented and reliable, quality economic products